by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Prayer Service Sunday for Former Council member's Daughter Diagnosed with Cancer

The 11 a.m. Sunday Christ Temple Worship service will ask for the healing of 14-year-old Hannah Caserta, recently diagnosed with cancer. 

Hannah, a freshman at Huntington High School and a marching band member, is the daughter of former council member Scott Caserta and Cindi. Scott who works at Special Metals has been outspoken about the state of the city and intends to run  for Mayor in 2020. 

"Our sweet 14 year old daughter Hannah has been diagnosed today with a rare form of cancer in her leg called Osteocarcinoma. She will have a full body scan next week to determine if the cancer has spread throughout her tiny body before chemotherapy treatments begin, " Scott Caserta wrote in a Facebook post. 

Caserta told HNN she plans to attend her high school homecoming dance before she begins her cancer battle. "We pray her battle ends before it even begins with God's divine intervention," referring to the laying of healing hands on Hannah at the Christ Temple service.

The Caserta's at the inauguration of Mayor/Council 2013 at Keith Albee
The Caserta's at the inauguration of Mayor/Council 2013 at Keith Albee
File Photo/Jeff Hedgecock

"We believe God continues working miracles and He will bless our daughter with amazing works," Caserta stressed. 

The church is located on Johnstown Road in Huntington. If you can't come to the service, you can watch live  on the church Facebook page ,

Jan Hite King has ordered $2 purple bracelets with all proceeds going to the Hannah Caerta Medical Fund. Check her FB profile for details.

During her dad's time on city council, Hannah was a regular visitor to Huntington City Council meetings.