by Beth Bondurant
DEVITION: Near the Stable
Advent season draws us nearer to the stable...the manger... the place where the King of Kings...Lord of Lords is to be found again and again... flooding our spirits with God's presence and peace.
    Geography has never been easily grasp in my understanding of north, south, east or west... when I travel up or down river... whether the distance is in close proximity or very far away.   Finding the location to which I have headed is always a mystery and many times I breathe a sigh of relief and shout HALLELUJAH when I actually arrive at my targeted destination.   Much like our faith walk as we seek to follow ... search for signs of God's presence... ask for direction and even take our own right turns when our gut feeling says to go left or even turn back... we always hope to arrive 'near stable'.   "Sent by God to point out the way to the Life-Light."     O God, I am so lost at times.  I get turned around so easily and find myself going in the opposite direction I had intended to be.  I am so quickly distracted by the world around me that I don't always hear the still small voice whispering truth and grace to my heart, mind and spirit.  Darkness and doubt swallow up the light in me and I find myself grasping for security... for peace... for hope and assurance that goodness and mercy is following me... guiding my steps day by day.  I pray that I am willing to be drawn closer to the stable... to commitment... to sacrifice... to unconditional love and grace.  Touch my body, my spirit, my heart, my mind and empower my soul with the meaning of Christmas love. In the despair and distress of everyday living... it is only by your mercy and goodness that I can move closer to becoming... near stable.