GATORCHOPPIN ON... How can even a landlord say no to AJ Dawg?

Updated 41 weeks ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
GATORCHOPPIN ON...   How can even a landlord say no to AJ Dawg?

AJ Dawg just doesn't understand....."Discrimination" she growls.  I agree with her.  Who would not want to rent to a cute little Shih Tzu like AJ Dawg?  I mean....everyone wants to stop and pet her as we walk down the street.....BUT....few want to rent to her.

As I attempt to move to another loyalty to one cute little Shih Tzu is holding me back.  As you start looking through the seemingly miles and miles of apartment listings....over half hatefully proclaim NO PETS.

Now, I can understand the insurance implications of a Pit Bull.  But harmless lil' AJ Dawg isn't going to hurt anyone.  Sure, there are times when she can be very hardheaded.  Mention the word bath and she can have an attitude right off.  If you walk close to me...she may forget for a moment that she is just a Shih Tzu.  

"Discrimination" she growls.  Well, then I try to explain to her that some people do not like their carpet peed on. "Are they gonna clean it everyday?" she snarls. 

"Well, no," I answer.  "But technically it is their carpet and when we leave, the next person has to deal with the smell."

"Well, if the next person has a dog then maybe it won't bother them.  Maybe landlords should rent to only people having dogs.  I mean...I wouldn't rent to a cat  but who wouldn't rent to a cute lil' pup like me?"  To illustrate her point she starting crawling across the floor wagging her tail, like she does when she meets someone she likes on the street.  I must say, manipulation is her strong point.  If I had just half of her selling ability I could afford to buy a house.

The ones that do rent to dogs want a couple of hundred dollars or $50 a month.  "That is extortion!" AJ woofs.  

"Well, AJ....there is not much we can do it about it." I console her.  "I'll just have to keep looking."

"What if I promise not to pee in the carpet?" She asks featuring her underbite and wagging tail.

"AJ, that would be like a bird promising not to fly or a fish promising not to swim.  You might be a master manipulator but you can't outcon a lie detector or a landlord who has replaced carpet every time someone moves out. Besides that...maybe they get tired of tenants complaints every time you flip out because a dog walks by the patio door," I said.

"Those dogs are trespassing when they come on my property!" AJ defended. "Plus, they rent to smokers and not dogs?  That's discrimination and bad taste.  My teeth are a lot prettier than any smokers."

AJ has a point but there is no one to bargain is back to Craiglist and Zillow....looking and hoping that the next listing is by a pet lover.  Hmmmm….maybe it isn't a bad idea to get her cut and bathed before I take her to meet the owner....after she has a better way with people than I do.  


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