GATORCHOPPIN ON... And the Nursing Home Will Rock

Updated 33 weeks ago by David "Alligator" Williams
GATORCHOPPIN ON... And the Nursing Home Will Rock

While working on the geriatric floor of the mental health hospital I work in, I discovered an AC/DC "Highway to Hell" CD.  A few days later I witnessed an older patient in a Black Sabbath t-shirt. 

Now, when my grandfather was in a nursing home, most of the residents listened Lawrence Welk or Frank Sinatra.  Then a few days later it occurred to me that these geriatriic rockers may not be ultra-hip granddaddies but simply listening to the music that they listened to when they were young.  I realized then that both bands were putting out albums in the 1970's.  It is not as if there is a law that you have to listen to easy listening when you retire.   

I just never thought of old people listening to AC/DC, now Journey or Toto I may be able to accept but I just could not ever picture a silver-haired toothless man bobbing their head back and forth headbanging and chanting the words to " Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap." 

If you think about it, if classics like "Iron Man" would be getting senior citizen discounts at McDonald's if they were people. 

It is not unusual for rock stars to die young but it is unusual to see them die older from natural causes like Ronnie James Dio, David Bowie, and Glen Frey.   

Gene Simmons of Kiss is getting ready to hit the road as he hits 70.  Bob Seger is blazing the trails in his 70s.  Mick Jagger and Keith Richards may not seem to age but they are running out of room for candles on their birthday cakes. 

Classic rock is what I listen to everyday in my truck although I never thought Ratt would be golden oldies.  It is hard to accept that I have been listening to some of the same songs for forty years.  When I bought my first Led Zep album, I never dreamed I would still be listening to it forty years later.  But face it, new music is not carrying the torch.  I cannot see imagine any new bands now still relevant in 2060.  But who knows maybe Kiss will still be on their farewell tour in 2060.  Maybe Van Halen and Metallica will still be rocking the FM radio. 

I used to wonder if kids would listen to their dads music but the big question is will they accept grandpa's music?  I never did grasp Benny Goodman but I can imagine the future generations still appreciating Fat Bottom Girls. 

I saw a teenager wearing a Who t-shirt the other day...I have never seen a Who shirt even in the 80s.  Who knows maybe the kids will be alright.  Well, for now, crank up Back in Black and hit me with another round of prune juice.

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