Tsubasacon will Grow in Charleston

Updated 32 weeks ago

After 13 years, Tsubasacon will return to its Charleston roots next year, where the con originated: 

"We had the BEST time this year with all of our attendees!! Thank you for all of the fun we had, all of the smiles, hugs and photos! We're looking forward to being able to share all of this fun and excitement with Charleston next year!

The staff at Tsubasacon have appreciated all of the things that the Big Sandy has done for us through they years, but we're also looking forward to finally returning to where it all began at the Charleston Coliseum & Conference Center! It's been an amazing journey in Huntington for 13 years, and it's only going to get bigger and better next year! I know it's hard sometimes to change, but just like when we moved out of the conference center into the arena, it was hard at first to see how much potential it has! Sure it's scary, but we're willing to take on this challenge with our attendees - friends and family like you who make it all happen year after year!

We hope to see you all in Charleston next year for a brand new and exciting adventure together!"

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