COLUMN: Death of a TV Magazine

Updated 40 weeks ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent

End of An Era!

My frantic search of the Sunday paper was in vain. No TV Guide. My world was crushed. It did not fall out. It was not forgotten to be put in. My local paper, The Herald- Dispatch decided I did not need it.

I can find out what is on with my TV remote. Suddenly, I was a boy again shuffling through my dad's Sunday paper looking for the TV section anxious to see what The Fonz was up to on Happy Days or if The Big Red Machine was going to roll into my living room.

Opening my Sunday paper and not finding a TV magazine is tantamount to opening up my Sunday paper and reading in the comics that Charlie Brown took Snoopy to the pound.

Newspapers have played a big role in my life. There has been a Sunday paper in my house for fifty years. I've followed Ernie Salvatore, Dave Walsh, Gerry Ahern, Tim Stephens, Mickey Johnson and woke up every morning feverishly scanning the sports section looking for Reds stories.

Newspapers are becoming dinosaurs. There is no denying it. They are dying one section at a time. News can be found faster on the internet. People are getting news on Huntington City Watch fresh from the police scanner.

Sure, it is hard to find the great writing and reporting found in newspapers but the newspaper needs a new vehicle. It needs to be delivered fresh and fast like my pizza. An old newspaper is not working anymore.

The TV magazine being put down is not like McDonald's doing away with the Big Mac but is close to seeing the closed sign at Shoney's. It is the end of an era and shows papers are struggling to survive in the new media environment.

I'll always buy newspapers though....AJ Dawg likes to look at the pictures as she pees on can't get that with a computer.

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