GATORCHOPPIN ... Media Continues Killing Clowns

Updated 35 weeks ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
GATORCHOPPIN ...     Media Continues Killing Clowns
Following a parade, I had a dream. My subconscious reminded me , "Where are the Clowns?" They were frivolity makers at amusement parks, birthday parties, the circus,  a TV host (Bozo), and bringing smiles at  Halloween parties. 
In the dream , I met Bogo.  Bogo's hand trembles as he recounts "that" year. It was year the circus tent fell in for good on the clown business. The wheels fell off the proverbial clown car. No longer was it safe for twelve clowns to pack into a Volkswagen Beetle and drive through town. Bogo choked up talking about that year. His once flamboyantly goofy hair is now shaved. He now wears Adidas instead of his clown shoes. "It's not safe to look like a clown since that year," he said.

Bogo moans. "The shark stories got old so they came after us."   He's correct. Before the re-make of Steven King's "it," which frightens with Pennywise , a cursed demonic crown, There were occasional  killer clowns but they were limited to phantom sightings or horror flicks.   King's story was a made-for-TV series in 1986.Before that serial killer John Wayne Gacy called himself the killer clown. Ten years later that prompted a spoof, "Killer Clowns from Outer Space." However, "phantom clowns" have been an urban legend since a 1981 Boston, Mass. report.   Relating to "Twisty" on American Horror Story,  in 2014 Clowns of America International president  Glenn Kohlberger said, "Hollywood makes money sensationalizing the norm. They can take any situation no matter how good or pure and turn it into a nightmare. ... We do not support in any way, shape or form any medium that sensationalizes or adds to coulrophobia or 'clown fear.'"

Bongo was right. Report after report filled the airwaves. Killer clowns with chainsaws. Evil clowns chasing people through the streets. Psychotic clowns peeping in Windows. Clowns we're everywhere...but in jail. No clowns we're ever arrested. "The media slayed us. Talk about fake news...these killer clowns we're supposedly everywhere...but...somehow none got arrested. 
Stephen King's It was released in theatres. It had a clown dragging kids in sewers. The hype for the movie was everywhere. So they took our clown happy image a d drug it into the sewer. It was a conspiracy." For decades, clowns we're friends to all. From circuses to birthday parties, clowns were the star of the show. Everyone love a clown.
  But Bogo said,"The media needed a bad guy. Who better to be the bad guy than someone you wouldn't expect. We were bigger than sharks for a while because people expect sharks to eat swimmers. They don't expect clowns to cut people up into little pieces. But the media created the image...and that's who we became. No clown ever laid a glove on anyone."
Bongo has not worked since 2017, the year the circus left town for good. "The only job offers I get are as a hit man or repo man. Something scary. Barnum and Bailey  closed in 2017. Circuses are gone. No one wants a clown anymore. People see us as killers.
Bogo cried,"I just want to make people laugh."
Thus, the lyrics of Tears of a clown when there's no one around have come to pass.
(The dream fictional interview illustrate how clowns image has changed. Killer clown has become a Halloween tradition.  It illustrates how a convergence of events and multi media spin influence our perception of people and events in our 24/7 news world.)  
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