COLUMN: From Steelers to Techers? Pittsburgh has more jobs than anyone

Updated 1 year ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
COLUMN: From Steelers to Techers? Pittsburgh has more jobs than anyone

Thanks to a tech explosion in Pittsburgh in the last decade or so, The Steel City has more jobs than anywhere in the country for the second year in a row according to Glass Door.  There are over 91,000 open jobs and most are in the tech field.


For years, the stereotype of the typical Pittsburgh resident was a big, burly steelworker with a big silver lunch bucket.  But now there are forty per cent more jobs in the tech industry than the steel industry.  Suddenly, instead of working class bars, Pittsburgh is known for it's quality dining establishments and fine cuisine.  The city that made Rolling Rock and Iron City Beer famous is now sipping wine.


So Pittsburgh is becoming a more intelligent, educated, kinder and gentler city.  Let's face it...the Steel City is becoming Geek City.


So maybe their football team needs a makeover.  Maybe they should pick a modern name that fits the city's new image.....The Pittsburgh Techers.  This would give the city a chance to promote it's new culture.


But Pittsburgh is back better than ever.  The truth is as much as I despise the Steelers...they are so American, Charlie Daniels sang in "In America"....

"You just go and lay your hand on a 
Pittsburgh Steelers fan and You will find he understands.". 

The city of Pittsburgh has fought back...from a thriving industrial powerhouse to a city that suffered plant closings and struggled to a powerhouse with more jobs than any other region in the country.  Pittsburgh is hip again.  It is trendy which attracts the youth and is a less expensive alternative to the other tech powerhouse Austin.


So maybe to keep Charlie Daniels song true and to keep in line with our American Creed of never giving up ...we can let them keep the name Steelers....maybe.

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