GATORCHOPPIN ON... Hate is Rising in America Striking Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Updated 29 weeks ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
 GATORCHOPPIN ON... Hate is Rising in America Striking Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Hatred took a swing at America this week. It's twisted fist shattering any illusion of innocence left in a violence-weary country.

The real-life neighborhood of Fred Rogers was rocked by a hatemonger who murdered eleven Jewish people. The quiet community of Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh will never be the same.

What is next....will Bert and Ernie be ran over on Sesame Street.

I am not trying to be cute or funny, but when Jewish people are slaughtered on their day of worship....We have to assert that innocence is a dying quality. Very little is sacred in America. Last week was a bloody, hateful week in a year that has had plenty of violence. Two men slain in Kentucky at a grocery store by a racist wanting to kill 'blacks'. Bomb sent to several politicians and celebrities because their views were hated by an extreme wacko.

So how does America respond?

Instead of somehow pulling together against evil, we are engaging in a hate filled blame game that is driving us even farther apart. Pundits and anti-Trump politicians blame Trump. Trump blames the media...Maybe they are all right. Maybe we have created a culture of blaming and fighting that has created this super hatred that raises its' evil head and inflicts terror and destruction. As evil inflicts its' terror, there is not much we can do but mourn....except point blame which triggers more hatred...which leads to more violence....the cycle keeps repeating.

The evil people who cause the direct pain- the shooters- crave the attention. The real focus on solving this problem falls on dealing with mental illness. It is undeniable that it takes a huge amount of mental illness to take a loaded dangerous weapon and use it on a group of defenseless, innocent people. More often than not, the suspect is an isolated and delusional person suffering from mental illness who thinks they are righting a wrong or winning a war. Our attention should be in finding mental illness and fighting it.

Paranoia and irrational hatred of different ideas and groups of people are what is butchering our remaining innocence. Monsters are now under all of our beds. Armed guards in churches. Sesame Street has a neighborhood watch group. Murder has come to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

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