HNN Endorses Carol Miller

Updated 41 weeks ago

Carol Miller doesn't need our endorsement—she has the NRA, WVCDL, the Farm Bureau, and several pro-life organizations including WVFL, and perhaps more importantly, the endorsement of the X-factor in WV politics, President Trump—but she has it anyway.


Carol Miller has demonstrated competence and concern throughout her legislative career. The daughter of a conservative father, the matriarch of a conservative family, we here know her well by her professional and personal record. Though not perhaps always as ardent on some issues as we would wish her to be, we have always been able to trust her.


She has worked long and thankless hours while in the minority in the House of Delegates, was rewarded with leadership positions in the majority, and has been a tireless advocate for her constituents. Her work ethic and her dedication are second to none. The voters know her; she has served twelve years in the House of Delegates and won a bruising GOP primary this year.


Her opponent has slammed her a tool of big pharma and derided her doing nothing on the fight against drug addiction. Nothing could be farther from the truth. She was one of the architects of West Virginia's justice reinvestment law—devoting our scarce state resources to ending addiction rather than criminalizing it. More impressively, she got this passed while she was part of the minority in the House; an even more significant achievement. Also, she voted for the legalization of medical marijuana, perhaps one of the most viable mechanisms for ending opioid addiction.


Her opponent also attacks her as a member of the radical right: even though she has a lifetime score of 56 from the AFL-CIO. If being pro-life, pro-gun, and supporting the restoration of a viable economy in West Virginia mean that she is a radical, we welcome more of that kind of radicalism. Moreover, that is a radicalism almost all of her constituents would share. Indeed, we note that while we concur in the Herald-Dispatch endorsement of her far more vocal colleague for county commission, there is no significant reason to support one for higher office and dismiss the claims of the other.


We honor her opponent. Richard Ojeda served our country bravely and honorably; rose to the rank of major in her service, and, frankly, has a passion and dedication for the betterment of working West Virginians' lives that we wished many Republicans share. However, his passion has often led him to be rash, and to make outrageous statements and accusations that are not well founded. Given the current state of Congress, this would be unhelpful; to say the least.


We believe that the good sense and old-school personal conservatism of Carol Miller—her frugality, work ethic, and general decency—make her the best choice of voters throughout the 3rd District. Hers will be a voice for sanity and reason in our current national political state. We have been proud to call her our Delegate, prouder to call her a friend, and will be prouder still to call her our member of Congress.

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