Marshall Health cardiologists Donate Bulletproof Vest to Police K-9

Updated 23 weeks ago Edited from a Press Release
Marshall Health cardiologists Donate Bulletproof Vest to Police K-9
HPD Photo

Marshall Health cardiologists Mark A. Studeny, M.D., and Melissa D. Lester, D.O., have donated $2,500 to the City of Huntington for the purchase of a K-9 bulletproof vest for the Huntington Police Department.

“We very much appreciate the generous donation,” Huntington Police Chief Hank Dial said. “Our K-9 officers and their canines are vital investigative assets, and keeping them safe is our top priority.”

Huntington’s K-9 Unit includes seven specialized K-9 teams, six of which are dual-purpose, drug-detection canines. These canines are used in apprehending suspects who pose a physical threat to citizens and to officers.

Studeny’s and Lester’s donation ensures that all six of these canines will have their own vest. K-9 bulletproof vests are bullet- and stab-proof. They are made from the same Kevlar cloth used for human bulletproof vests, which cover all vital organs.

“We support our local police responders and their helpful, four-legged companions,” Dr. Studeny said. “As physicians, the desire to assist and protect our patients extends to their well-trained, valuable canine partners.”

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