GATORCHOPPIN ON ... A Thanksgiving prayer for help against the epidemic

Updated 25 weeks ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
GATORCHOPPIN ON ... A Thanksgiving prayer for help against the epidemic

Dear Father,  

Thanks for our loved ones, that although they may be hooked on drugs, that they are still able to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Please watch over them and do not let their chairs be empty next year. Please let angels protect them and may give them the guidance to seek recovery for their addictions. 

Please be with the families that do not sleep well at night and jump when the phone rings or there is a knock on the door for fear their loved ones have passed.  Be with these families and give them guidance in making decisions has it is a fine line between enabling and helping.  Please heal the families that are torn apart by the conflict and turmoil caused by drugs.  Bless the children that are raised by their grandparents or foster parents because their parents are addicted. 

Bless the first responders who face the stress of numerous overdoses on a daily basis.  Bless the police who bust through doors not knowing what is on the other side as they fight to take drugs off of our streets. 

Please guide those who work in recovery and grant them the patience to not give up when the addicted relapse. 

Thanks for those who put their lives at risk to give police tips and help with neighborhood watch groups.  

Please be with our city, state, and federal leaders as they create policies and programs designed to save lives. 

Please watch over those who fight the drug war and help drugs out of our schools. Please help us be victorious so that no one has to bury a loved one way before their time. Amen


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