GATORCHOPPIN ON ... how was the Black Friday Rumble?

Updated 25 weeks ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
GATORCHOPPIN ON ... how was the Black Friday Rumble?

Okay, shoppers...are you ready?  You have waited for this weekend all year.  You carb loaded on Thanksgiving Day...trained all here is where those Zumba classes pay off.  Black Friday!!!!

Remember your shopping helmets and the proper technique...left shoulder sticking out, right arm stiff arm...and remember to check the wheels on your buggy....your purchase of a big screen TV depends on it!

Well...actually now...things are not as violent as in the early days of Black Friday Shopping.  Since some stores are open on Thanksgiving and more people shop online...Black Friday shopping is not the contact sport it once was.

I'm not saying it doesn't hurt to have a roll of quarters in your hand...if you don't hit someone you can use it to pay for your purchase but things are calmer.  I remember a decade ago working as a merchandiser/ sales rep and doing my accounts in Walmart.  I quickly learned my first year to take Black Fridays off.  I smirked as those in line as I got let in early but then almost got trampled to death as the stampede headed toward the toy aisle.  I then decided to go to my uncle's in Illinois on Thanksgiving and listened on the radio while driving as the incident reports came over the radio.

Most violent Black Friday States has my state of West Virginia at number 3.  I do not remember anyone ever being severely beaten over a Tickle Me Elmo doll but I know West Virginia just because of its' economic status has a high interest in Black Friday deals.  I doubt if 500 people are lining up in Beverly Hills, California to save a hundred bucks on a TV set.  But them again, West Virginia folks just love the competition.  Even if they have plenty of money, they like the bragging rights of bagging the hot deals.  

it is the combination of a reward (saving money or a prize), competition (beating your peers to the prize),conditions that provoke violence (lining up, waiting, doors opening up like a race is beginning). and good ol' human nature (propensity for violence in the right situation.)

So now if you are ready to ruuuuuubbbbbblllllleeeeee!!!!!!  On your marks, get set......go get that big screen TV!!!!

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