REVIEW: Four Crafty "Widows" Beat the System in a Simplistic Caper Film

Updated 41 weeks ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
REVIEW: Four Crafty "Widows" Beat the System in a Simplistic Caper Film

Lost amongst the kid friendly tent pole, Ralph Breaks the Internet (#1 for the second weekend) and the continuation of the underdog Rocky franchise as Creed 2 (#3 behind The Grinch) rests a female oriented action/thriller heist drama --- The Widows --- with the spirit of the Oceans franchise and the simplicity of a contained and simplistic petty criminals. 

The premise four husbands who have chosen a life of small robberies pass away on one of their jobs. The cash burns leaving to bookies demanding that which is due from each of the new widows. 

Unable to raise that kind of millions, they work together to carry out a multi million dollar final heist planned by their late hubbys. 

"Widows" has an strong underlying political connection --- one that swirls around interweaving business , power, and the guise of "helping" in order to tally votes. 

Intertwined in the four women's efforts to replace the money which came from a budding politician, the Chicago Alderman's race unravels --- the white long term power player is opposed by a black candidate with a mouth of jewel phrases. In other words, he wants the job to make money, not help the constituents. 

Interestingly, the "business" aspect of politics shines through the efforts to keep the dark side hidden. 

These widows are not SWAT, electronics, or possessing unique gifts of experience. They develop (and practice) essential physical and mental prowess  (some using their looks for persuasive ability ) but the plloy relies on skill , nott flirts, winks, and sex. 

Label "Widows" an Oceans/Mission Impossible that's confined to neighborhood resources. It's worthy of a watch. 

MEANWHILE, DEC 7 is a rare weekend with NO wide releases pending. Hollywood occasionally will do this when a bunch of tenttpoles opened the week before. Here, it may be chicken, as the big Christmas blockbusters --- Spiderman, Aquaman, Mary Poppins --- are a few weeks away. It's a "rare" op for some of the niche pics to expand. 


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