COLUMN ... Gatorchoppin on ...... The War on Santa Claus

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COLUMN ... Gatorchoppin on ...... The War on Santa Claus

The picket signs  have not shown up at the North Pole yet and there are not crowds throwing snowballs at Santa's sleigh....but, give it time, it's not quite Christmas yet.  In recent years

there has been a full blown effort by wackos to get Christ out of there are wackos going after the beloved fictional Christmas figure. 

In Cleburne, Texas, a man was arrested after he refused to stop protesting Santa Claus outside a church that was having a breakfast with Santa event.  Three men were protesting that the church was lying to kids about Santa.  Two of the other men left but the one arrested refused to leave.  They held signs and asked, "Do you let your kids believe in a fake Santa or do they know who Jesus is?"  The mayor of Cleburne had Santa's back.  He posted on Facebook, "Don't mess with Santa. While I understand folks right to protest, Cleburne loves Santa and those protesters who were naughty and broke the law when they trespassed were arrested promptly. Guess they wanted coal in their stockings to go with a court appearance." 

A grinch in Summersville, South Carolina was arrested for arson after going into multiple yards of his neighbors and setting Christmas decorations.   

A school principal in Nebraska banned Christmas.  In a memo, she communicated, "I will do my best to communicate the expectation from here on out, which aligns with my interpretation of our expectations as a public school who seeks to be inclusive and culturally sensitive to all of our students," Sinclair said in the memo following a list of "not acceptable" practices like the following:  

Using images of Santas or Christmas items on worksheets.  
Trees in classrooms.  
Elf on the shelf.  
Singing carols.  
Playing Christmas music.  
Sending a scholastic book that's also a Christmas book.  
Making ornaments as gifts.  
Christmas videos/movies and/or characters from Christmas movies.  

And a most curious "not acceptable" item: candy canes.  

According to Sinclair, the shape of a candy cane and its color strongly represent Christianity and Catholicism.  

"Historically, the shape is a 'J' for Jesus. The red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection. This will also include different colored candy canes," Sinclair wrote. Here is the story.   

In New Jersey, a substitute teacher told her elementary school students that Santa was not real.  The kids' parents had Santa's back and so did the principal.   

A substitute teacher in New Jersey has been fired after telling first-grade students that Santa Claus is not real.  

Cedar Hill Elementary School Principal Michael Raj sent a letter home to parents letting them know that a teacher told their kids that Santa, elves, flying reindeer, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are not real.  Raj said he spoke to the teacher about her "poor judgment" and wanted to make parents "aware of the situation and if the conversation comes up at home over the next few days you can take appropriate steps to maintain childhood innocence of the holiday season." 


Those fighting Santa are also accusing Santa of bullying Rudolph in the classic "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.  They say Santa encouraged the other reindeers not to let Rudolph play in any reindeer games because he was different.  Santa is the one who gave the young reindeer a chance to be a hero.  He believed in Rudolph. 

COLUMN ... Gatorchoppin on ...... The War on Santa Claus


There was also word that Facebook censored a picture of Santa Claus kneeling before baby Jesus.  Facebook said they just put a warning over the picture but removed it after controversy ensued. 

It is hard for me to comprehend a war on Santa Claus.  I do not agree with the war on Christmas, but I do understand the argument.  The whole attack on Santa is just beyond me.  I see the argument as something brought on by attention seekers. 

The whole holiday season is an attempt to be festive and spread joy and "peace on Earth and goodwill to men."  Though, Christ's birth means a lot to me and is the real reason for the season....if you do not agree with that at least let the children enjoy Santa and the joy of the season. 

Don't be a grinch, of all of the meanness in the world, why destroy Christmas?  Let kids enjoy Santa and the Christmas spirit.  Let's end the War on Santa!