Cabell County, City of Huntington Opiate Cases on Fast Track

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

An  order by federal judge Dan Polster, entered Dec. 31, 2018, has placed the City of Huntington and Cabell County as the second group of multidistrict National Prescription Opiate Litigation cases to go to trial. 

Attorneys will meet on or before Jan. 15, 2019 to set case management deadlines and January 25, 2019 for exchange evidence and set a trial date. 

Three Ohio cases will be on the first track, however, the judge has found common law differences and pharmacy differences different from other states.

" In order to better understand State-specific variations in law, the Court directs the parties to submit briefing addressing the viability of statutory and/or common law claims for public nuisance in each State and territory where any MDL plaintiff is located."

The case ORDER is below. 

  1. COURT ORDER (95.47 KB)
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