Parent Chain Bankruptcy Challenges Causing Glitches for Teays Valley Movie Venue

Updated 23 weeks ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Parent Chain Bankruptcy Challenges Causing Glitches for Teays Valley Movie Venue

Many bankruptcy corporate reorganizations keep consumers blind unil a closing sale, name change, or , in some cases, a few changes in faces and policies. 

Frank's Teays Valley 10 stadium cinemas in has endured internet issues, booking challenges, repair struggles, and getting the word out that , "Hey, we're open."

Last night, HNN found bankruptcy filings of the parent chain and a corporate website neglected. More than one time spreading and ticket selling websites contained "closed," "permanently closed" or "times unavailable." To purchase advance seats online internet and credit or debit card service is necessary. Currently, Teays only accepts cash. The bankruptcy filing lists bank card and film companies as top creditors along with rent.

After multiple reach outs, Erick A. Shilling, general manager, responded, "Yes we are open."

An early to mid December social media "conversation" from a poster close to the cinema explained that Teays Valley 10 is one of the Frank's sites slated to stay open. However with the corporate site not listing "West Virginia" now, blank with others. (Those cinemas updated contain locations with current film listings.)

Teays Valley is relying on iMDB to get the schedule out. 

"A Dog's Way Home" begins Friday with hold overs of  "Escape Room," "The Grinch," "Holmes and Watson," "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Creed 2," "Spider Man into the Spiderverse," and "Vice."


The cinema , located between Cinemark's Huntington Mall in Barboursville and Regal's Nitro Stadium 12, originally opened as an "All Star" cinema before merging with Frank's. It opened in 2005.

Frank Theatres at full strength operated  cinemas in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Some of those included IMAX upgrades, cinema restaurants, and their "revolutions" venues (combining bowling allies with cinema and dining).

Corporate entities for the chain have filed for bankruptcy protection. The reason for the bankruptcy is associated with costs of closing unprofitable cinemas and ownership of a mall. 

The filings were made between June 28 and Sept. 20 under several entities: Frank Entertainment Companies, Frank Theatres Management, Frank Investments, Inc., Frank Theatres Tilton and Rio Mall.

The Hurricane venue operated during the Christmas-New Year's period, but did not play either "Aquaman" or "Mary Poppins Returns," "Bumble Bee" or "The Mule." 

For stories about other venues in the chain, check stories below. 

Just underscore... Teays Valley 10 is still with us.


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