You Can Chill, Scream, Terrify without Blood, Gore , & Dismemberment; Escape Room Horror Gels

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You Can Chill, Scream, Terrify without Blood, Gore , & Dismemberment; Escape Room Horror Gels

Horror spilled into blood and body part splashing earning the "Hostel"/"Saw" franchises torture genre labels. "Saw's" premise started as a gruesome game of choices --- to save their life the player had to chop off a limb.

"Escape Room" takes seven strangers and thrusts them into a 17th floor waiting room that evolves into an oven. One dude has "game" expert status, so he's hyped for an adrenaline rush. As the puzzles of sliding walls, flipped ceilings, and environmental challenges intensify, the group one by one asks --- this is more than a game, it's real.

A fast and furious opening has a dude fall through into a room that's getting ever smaller. When its crunch time, the camera drifts away, but fans of Indiana Jones or the old chapter play serials have the room kill solidly in their imagination.

Once the team of gamers all connected by  generic past traumas are unleashed , specific items trigger gamer PTSD forcing them to stop the emotional attack and figure out a puzzle --- many of which are numeric combinations. 

"Escape Room" and the maze high rise "The Cube" have a lot in common but "Escape's" players have an intimacy like those films that present dinner as a pretext for murderous choices. 

Each new room contain more tension to varying degrees. The upside down pool room has the best sequences and character interaction. 

Don't plan on leaving the auditorium, you'll miss something and return stranded in another place. You need a partner to fill you in, if you depart. 

Of course, a sequel is set up in a laid back jerky manner. Won't go further as spoilers await. This one is OK for young teens. The body count is minimal (on screen) and the blood shed minimal too.  


































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