135 Huntington Arrests Due to Citizen Tips

Updated 1 year ago Edited from City of Huntington Press Release

The Huntington Police Department's anonymous tip line is a vital tool in fighting drug crimes in our community. How vital?

In 2018, the Police Department's Special Investigations Bureau conducted 136 investigations resulting in 135 arrests because of tips that were called in by residents. If you've never used the tip line before, here is some important information you need to know:

-- When you call the tip line, you will leave information on a recording. You will not speak to a live person. The recordings are checked by officers daily.

-- You will never be asked to leave your name, phone number or address. Again, the tip line is anonymous.

-- When reporting suspicious activity that may involve drug trafficking, Capt. Rocky Johnson, commander of the Special Investigations Bureau, advises that the time of the month and day of the suspicious activity is very important. Look for patterns. Are the same car and the same individuals arriving at a house the same time of day every day? Is there a lot of foot traffic at a house at a particular time of day? Vehicle descriptions, addresses and suspect descriptions are also helpful. License plate numbers are not critical because, many times, those involved in the drug trade will use rental cars or vehicles that don't belong to them, Johnson said.

-- Never risk your own safety in an effort to obtain information. If you believe you or your neighbors are in immediate danger, do not call the tip line. Call 911.