Fired Cabell Teacher Sues for First Amendment Civil Rights Violations; Teacher Supported Fox News Tweets

Updated 23 weeks ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

A former Cabell County teacher has sued the school board and others after they terminated her for allegedly racially charged posts on Twitter.

Mary Durstein  taught  at HHS where on Jan. 9, 2017 she was called to the office and administrator Todd Alexander ordered her to delete her Twitter account which supported conservative media i.e. Fox News styled posts. 

A Marshall University student journalist had reported on several of the teacher's allegedly  anti-Muslim and racially charged posts.

Download her complaint below. 

  1. Teacher's Federal Suit (252.61 KB)
  2. Durstein suit exhibit (768.38 KB)
  3. Durstein suit exhibit (379.44 KB)
  4. Durstein suit exhibit (929.67 KB)
  5. Durstein suit exhibit (57.42 KB)
  6. dur ex10.pdf (232.14 KB)
  7. dur ex12.pdf (42.68 KB)
  8. dur wsaz.pdf (341.55 KB)
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