Fence Will Surround Underground tunnel, Social Media label crossing a 'Wall'

Updated 30 weeks ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Covering hazard
Covering hazard

A fence will cover a historic, but  hazardous, underground west  side crossing which Owens Illinois workers used for avoiding walking across railroad tracks

A photo shows work at the Fifth Street West location.

Steven J. Davis, Chairman,  Concerned Citizens of Huntington, has expressed outrage over the decision to block off the passageway which during local citizens cleared and cleaned in hopes of keeping it viable. He slammed fencing as " A frame for an underground tent revival?" He added, 'Clearly the south side of Huntington will now be safe from the invasion from the west side." 

In December council woman   Tina Brooks visited the   tunnel and  found conditions  similar  to as it was before the summer cleanup. Trash, needles, and graffiti were prominent in the tunnel.


Brooks said, "I was concerned that the people who promised to keep the tunnel safe were not going to follow up on their promises." Brooks plans to present her findings to council and have it closed. "I want it closed. The tunnel is not safe," Councilwoman Brooks stated.

A neighbor wrote: "I live very close to this and I am glad it's closed, on any given night you can see people hanging around in it. I'm sure they were having church or some other upstanding meetings there and not  criminal or drug activity. You don't live here like I do and see what goes on in it, thank you City of Huntington."

A woman said, "There were constantly people down there shooting up and prostitution going on all day everyday people would pull up in the middle of the street go down there and come back up with prostitutes. And this is right in front of a children’s dance studio."



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