COLUMN: Where Were the City's First Responder Boats?

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COLUMN: Where Were the City's First Responder Boats?

by Steven J. Davis

It has come to our attention that the Huntington Fire Department Fire and rescue boat is still out for repair and has been since it almost sank this past March.

There have been several stories as to why the boat failed and at this point it is not the issue.

The issue is that it has still not been repaired and we are left with no on river fire response capacity.

This past Monday night Chief Jan Rader asked to replace the roll up doors at a fire station for the amount of just less than $25,000.

While we as Concerned Citizens do not know the cost to repair the Fire and Rescue Boat we do realize that it being functional and operational at all times is a key part of our overall safety and security plan for our city.

Having watched the Documentary that aired on Netflix Chief Rader is seen saying that she would spare no cost to rescue anyone overdosing and that if it took 50,000 times that would be ok with her.

We have to ask where the fiscal oversight of Mayor Williams and our Council is at when it comes to Chief Rader and the spending in our Fire department.

While the death of the young man who jumped to his subsequent death is tragic and we pray for his loved ones peace and comfort we feel that the potential for more of this is possible.

Many times in the past year we have had potential jumpers on our bridges and clearly our ability to respond has been greatly impaired.

We as Concerned Citizens call for a special investigation into department spending and the actions of our Mayor and Council in regards to the repair of our fire and rescue boat and the operational status of our boat house.

The boat house is located behind the flood walls and cut off from rescue personnel if the flood gates are put into place. As you can see in the picture the ramp to the boat house is easily flooded making this another great hindrance in the utilization of both the fire and police boats.

This is not political this is about our city being prepared and asking our elected leadership to provide the safety and security that their oath requires. Both Republican,Democrat and Independent.

Steven J. Davis

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