PSC Approves Joint Stipulation for West Virginia American Water

Updated 27 weeks ago Edited from a Press Release

CHARLESTON, WV – The Public Service Commission of West Virginia today approved the Joint Stipulation and Agreement for Settlement in West Virginia American Water Company’s (WVAWC) water and sewer base rate cases and update to its Distribution System Improvement Charge (DSIC) mechanism. 

The settlement approved by the Commission was signed by WVAWC, Commission Staff, and the Consumer Advocate Division in October 2018.  The terms of the settlement prevent WVAWC from seeking a further increase in base rates before April 30, 2021.


The stipulating parties agreed to increase WVAWC’s water and sewer base rates by $23 million and $152,650, respectively and to reset the company’s DSIC rate mechanism to zero effective February 25, 2019 through December 31, 2019.  The average residential water customer will see an increase of $6.65 or 14% on their monthly bill.  Residential sewer customers will see an increase of $8.33 or 17.5% on their monthly bill. 


The Kanawha County & Cities Association and the City of Charleston did not sign the Joint Stipulation, but did not oppose it.


WVAWC serves approximately 166,000 water customers in 19 counties and 1,000 sewer customers in Fayette County.  Additional information is available on the Commission website: by referencing Case No. 18-0573-W-42T.

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