Rally Monday at Huntington City Hall Concerning Out of Service Emergency Vehicles

Updated 26 weeks ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

A dispatch during a structure fire advised that the City of Huntington had a shortage of fire vehicles, including its two "tower" (hook and ladder) trucks which battle fires in the upper floors of buildings. Since then another truck has been reported out of service. 

Steve Davis, chairman of Concerned Citizens of Huntington, has expressed grave analysis  over resident and business safety. A rally has been slated for 6 p.m. Monday in front of Huntington City Hall.


"We must demand our representatives do what their oath requires," Davis wrote in a Call to Action. 

"Our Fire and Police departments are under staffed and poorly equipped to perform their duty of safety for all of Huntington. Let’s stand together and let the council and administration we demand change."

Ray Canafax explained following a 2011 blaze at the WV Building: " For high rises in downtown, the tower trucks are vital. One can reach ninth floor and another reserve aerial   can reach eleven or twelve stories."


Canafax admitted, “Had that fire been worse, we would have had a little trouble.” However, he quickly acknowledged, “it’s hard to speculate [but]   had that fire been worse ,  off duty personnel [would have been called] and volunteers.”

Councilwoman Frances Jackson, then chair of the Public Safety Committee,  followed up that having lived in a high rise virtually directly opposite the Emmons Apartments she cannot restrain comparisons to that fire which took nine lives. “I’m very upset,” she said in postulating, “could it happen again?”

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