USAF Film --- Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant produced weapons grade uranium

Updated 13 weeks ago

Huntington's known connection to cold war nuclear weaponry relates to the three gaseous diffusion plants, i.e. Portsmouth, Paducah, Oak Ridge. The Huntington Pilot Plant used nickel carbonyl in a process of preparing and recycling spent radioactive fuel (uranium, plutonium) from the plants. 

Much debate covers exactly how war ready the weapons at Portsmouth were. This old USAF film answers the question--- weapons grade. 


Can you Imagine taking this plant apart for Decommissioning the right way? Life time jobs! Bulldozing is out, hazardous and too dangerous.  We Deserve a community meeting, said activist and president of PRESS Vina Colley.

A portion of the remains of the HPP (Huntington Pilot Plant) is buried in a classified section where radiation leeched into Beaver Creek and on into the Ohio River. 

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