Nuclear Waste Disposal Meeting March 19

Updated 13 weeks ago
PRESS, NNWJ, Food and Water Action, and A Call to Actions holds a public forum on March 19th at the CAO Welcome Center, 342 Second St, Portsmouth, Ohio from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., according to Vina Colley, activist/officer.
  "We would be honored to have you join us to listen and share our concerns about the proper disposal of nuclear waste at the A-plant in Piketon, Ohio," Colley said.    Area residents are the ones who will feel the impact of the decision made on the re-purposing of the on-site waste disposal facility and burial of contaminated materials there.  The community deserves to know the levels of exposure workers and the community are, were, and will be exposed to and needs an explanation of the chosen measurements for determining whether the elements are toxic.   We are concerned about toxic Plutonium and Transuranic waste which will be placed in the underground waste cell at the Piketon site over fractures in the bedrock, setting directly above the Teays river aquifer, and in direct proximity to the Scioto River which flows into the Ohio. We are also concerned about dust particles being released in our air from the demolition.   Releasing all records will help the community and workers have a better understanding of what we have been and will be exposed to. Workers who have the burden of proof in order to get compensation under the EEOICPA will be helped by having the full and complete record.   We welcome your contributions to the event.   Please contact Vina Colley for more information and to discuss this invitation further. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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