LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep Radioactive Waste Out of the Ohio River

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Plagued within the little-known town of Piketon, Ohio, lies a nuclear catastrophe waiting to happen! What I am talking about is the Ohio EPA and Department of Energy approved on-site waste disposal facility (OSWDF) at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. The plant enriched weapons-grade uranium for nuclear bombs throughout the Cold War. Now, they want to bury the disassembled plant on-site, directly above the largest fresh-water aquifer, the Teays River aquifer, in the the entire region!

Leaking from the waste site would reek radioactive fallout for countless people, future generations, the delicate environment, and ultimately make the Teays aquifer undrinkable.

[Editor's Note: The Portsmouth site contains radioactive classified buried ruins from the Huntington WV Pilot Plant ran by the AEC. Located on the INCO property, the plant processed radioactive materials from nuclear weapons making diffusion such as the one in Portsmouth. The most radioactive ruins were buried in Portsmouth, Ohio in 1979, however, when the HPP plant operated in the 50s/60s waste went elsewhere including the Dietz Hollow landfill.]

Please help us STOP the on-site waste disposal facility by petitioning the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, Anne Marie White. She manages the environmental office that is in charge of cleaning up after the horrendous nuclear legacy.

We must ask her to halt this decision made my the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, and we must seek much more environmentally sound solutions that will protect us, not kill us.



For follow-up information, or to talk personally to a local activist of Piketon, Ohio, e-mail to:

Vina Colley: vcolley@earthlink.net
President, P.R.E.S.S. (Portsmouth/Piketon Resident for Environmental Safety and Security)
Co-founder, NNWJ (National Nuclear Workers for Justice)


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