Imagine the Cable news Cycles if Superheroes Populated the Planet

Updated 1 year ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Imagine the Cable news Cycles if Superheroes Populated the Planet

Anyone addicted to superhero culture knows that the male and female characters receive a life changing 'reboot.' In other cases, a mission calls them to a distant planet or a parallel dimension --- one that exists with our only it overlaps... a little like two dominant communications trying to overpower the weaker one.

Reading superhero comics (or watching visual media) , your favorite character has often faced battles with super powered villains or struggled with world altering catastrophes.  A hint of "cleaning up" after infrastructure collapses from the impact of brutal survival bouts. 

Nick Fury ponders a communicator left for "emergencies" to summon Captain Mar-vell from galactic jaunts. He recognizes, she might be busy, what would earth do? 

Blending fictional universes with reality gets cumbersome. Fury's forward thinking assembled a group of Avengers. Yet, the "adventures" of Iron Man, a Hulk, or Dr. Strange would not have escaped the countless cameras of (so called) "fake news" outlets. 

Instead of dwelling on testimony nuances with expert talking heads, camera would be repeating footage of the last intervention by Iron Man or Superman including interviews with survivors they rescued from death. Perhaps, collateral damage on the ground when Lois Lane's (Margo Kidder) pump fell from the Daily Planet strikking an unfortunate bystander in the head. 

Consider the employment spikes for camera operators and TV presenters chasing Batman, Iron Man, mutants, and neighborhood Spider Men around the globe?

Speculating on heroes and monsters tripping over each other in a news cycle awakens thoughts of  Metropolis and Gotham City co-existing.  Seems like the Joker and Harley Quinn would fall into the other's territory?

When the Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Justice League reported to "the Donald's" White House for a proclamation, which fast food restaurant would the President choose for their appetizers? 

Reporter pools would be pursuing The Flash , rather , than attempting to pry a sound byte from The President. No one would be calculating the cost of Melania's outfit. Or whether Meghan or Kate are pregnant or wore pantyhose to please the Queen.

Who would Kim Jong-un and Putin be enslaving and threatening? They might stay mute hoping not to attract attention.

Unlike this world --- even if Captain Mar-vell visits about as often as a circling comet --- both Marvel and D.C. have to "cheat" when a conflict creates a consequence that would alter significant elements and alter history. 

Parallel universes (and times) are similar to the time traveling commandment of not altering a major historical event.

And, Mar-vell reminds that our version of "reality," might be a bit narrow. Maybe not. Who's to prove that one of those distant planets is not Heaven? 

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