COLUMN GATOR CHOMPIN Project Prevention wants to pay addicts to not have children

Updated 47 weeks ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
COLUMN  GATOR CHOMPIN  Project Prevention wants to pay addicts to not have children

Project Prevention will be in Huntington on March 24th and 25th.  Project Prevention is a non-profit group who seeks to keep drug users from having children. 

The group will pay $300 to those who can prove they are addicts through arrest records, court documents, or other methods and will undergo long term birth control or sterilization.

     If anyone has ever been to Lily's Place and seen the newborn babies have to be held because they are shaking so bad and suffering from withdraw pains then they can understand the best process to stop newborns from going through addiction is prevention.  

     I work in a mental health hospital and I have seen firsthand that many children are born into broken homes and have unstable lives.  Program founder and director Barbara Harris told me, "This is my point when someone argues that addicts have the “right” to have children! What about the innocent children’s right to be born drug free to someone actually capable of caring for them?"


     There is also a shortage of suitable foster parents.  Harris said, 

  "I tell all the naysayers if you really feel addicts have the right to conceive while using then you need to step up and adopt a child! If you’re not part of a solution you’re part of the problem to me."


     Harris also pointed out, "So many grandparents across the country are raising their grandchildren."


     On the other side though, Recovery is alive in Huntington.  It would be unfortunate for someone who is struggling now go through sterilization now and then recover down the road in a few years and not be able to have children.


     There is also a feel of manipulation that users will give up the rights to have children for drug money.


     The problem staring us in the face is that children are suffering because they are born addicted and born to people that won't or can't take care of them.  Paying addicts to not have children may sound farfetched but it seems to be one way to deal with the problem.

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