19th Annual Sexual Assault and Stalking Symposium

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The West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information and Services is pleased to have the opportunity to offer a one-day, multi-disciplinary training providing the latest information available concerning sexual assault and stalking, including emerging issues.

 Sexual violence is a problem for our West Virginia communities. It doesn’t matter one’s age, gender, or profession. Sexual violence takes many forms. It thrives in conditions of secrecy, silence, victim blaming and inequality. Sexual violence is profoundly interconnected with sexism, racism, classism, and homophobia. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to this problem.

The event will host nearly 300 professionals that will include law enforcement, sexual assault nurse examiners, advocates, medical personnel, prosecutors, college campus staff, social service providers, counselors, corrections staff, and more. Nineteen workshops will be offered.


Also featured at the symposium will be a "What Were You Wearing" display, courtesy of West Virginia University - an art installation that shatters the myth that sexual assault is caused by a person's wardrobe by displaying the stories and clothes survivors were wearing whenever they were attacked. 

This event is sponsored by the WV Foundation for Rape Information and Services - together with the West Virginia Division of Justice and Community Services and the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute. 

Key Speakers Include:

• Heather Imrie, Director of Program Development and Efficacy at Catharsis Productions • Audace Garnett, Technology Safety Specialist, Safety Net, the National Network to End Domestic Violence

• Karla Vierthaler, Advocacy and Resources Director for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center


The West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information and Services (FRIS) is West Virginia's state sexual assault coalition and is comprised of the state's nine rape crisis centers. FRIS works with all allied professionals to strengthen services and develop intervention and prevention programs to address sexual violence, stalking, and dating violence.

Visit our webpage for more information and see included agenda for full list of speakers and workshops. www.fris.org.

April 3rd is also Start By Believing Day.  Launched during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April 2011, Start By Believing is a global campaign to transform the way we respond to sexual assault.  Created by End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI), it aims to improve our personal and professional reactions to sexual assault disclosures to help to improve outcomes for victims and stop the cycle of silence. 

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