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Updated 16 weeks ago The White House Press Office

On the one-year anniversary of the launch of President Donald J. Trump’s initiative to tackle the driving forces of the Opioid Crisis, progress has been made.


“Together, we will defeat this epidemic – it’s a true epidemic – as one people, one family, and one magnificent nation under God” – President Donald J. Trump


Read about the Administration’s efforts to reduce demand, cut down on supply, and get Americans struggling with addiction the help they need HERE.

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First Lady Convenes Working Group on Youth

First Lady Melania Trump convened the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs this morning in the State Dining Room of the White House. The meeting focused on several programs within the Administration’s agencies that closely align with the three pillars of the First Lady’s initiative, Be Best – well-being of children, social media safety, and families affected by opioid abuse.


The readout from the meeting can be found HERE.




ONDCP Director Carroll Visits Kentucky


This week, Director Carroll traveled to Kentucky to visit with state and local leaders, employers, and recovery advocates about innovative efforts to combat addiction throughout the state.


Op-Ed from ONDCP’s Anne Hazlett: How the Trump Administration is Helping Rural Kentucky Battle Addiction


“Under the leadership of President Trump and in partnership with State leaders, this administration is stepping up to do even more to address the significant needs of rural communities in this crisis. Access to treatment services, broadband connectivity to enable telemedicine and transportation resources are critical challenges we are meeting head on. 


“The addiction crisis plaguing our country, including rural Kentucky, is more complex and demanding than ever before. To this end, we cannot do things the same way that we have in the past. To defeat this crisis, we are taking action to fill the gaps in rural communities around critical assets such as drug courts, transitional housing and teleservices for treatment, recovery and prevention education.


“Working across the federal government to ensure that the needs of rural America are met, we can empower rural communities, youth, parents, caregivers and families to combat drug addiction, get their loved ones who need help into care and back into the workforce, and adopt new techniques to keep drug traffickers off of Main Street.” – ONDCP’s Senior Adviser for Rural Affairs Anne Hazlett

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