OPINION GATOR CHOMPIN ON .... Stewart's Attacked Again by Left Wing Activist

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OPINION GATOR CHOMPIN ON ....  Stewart's Attacked Again by Left Wing Activist

A movement led by left wing activist Dakota Nelson is trying to get SODEXO to cut the contract with Stewarts Hot Dogs from Marshall University.  if successful, there would not be any Stewart's hot dogs or napkins at Marshall University sporting events.

The controversy is a result of  statements made by Stewart's owner John Mandt Jr. regarding a vigil held in Huntington this past weekend, and Muslim community members.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Mandt chose not to participate in the memorial vigil  conjecturing it would turn into  more of a partisan event than inclusive memorial.)

Mandt Jr. defeated Nelson in the 16th District House of Delegates race this past November.

Many teachers and gay citizens were upset the way Mandt voted in the recent legislative session.  This sparked a protest of Stewart's restaurant in Huntington.  The community rallied around Mandt to show their support after the protests. Mandt has been a longtime supportive of the Huntington community and of Marshall University.      

Marshall would be ill-advised to enter a politically motivated war.  There would be nothing to gain and they would only enrage Stewart fans.  Stewart's has long been a staple of Marshall sporting events and fans want a Huntington product at the games.


Aj Dawg has had her disagreements with Stewie....but she still loves Stewart's

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