Heritage Farm Museum & Village kicks off season with 23rd Annual Spring Festival

Updated 32 weeks ago Edited from a Press Release

Heritage Farm Museum and Village is kicking off the season with our 23rd Annual Spring Festival on May 4th, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. This premier annual event is a great opportunity to experience all that the farm has to offer.


All of our museum buildings will be open for touring and residents artisans will be onsite to demonstrate their crafts. Our blacksmith, woodworker, potter, and others will share their talents and stories with guests. Our machines and implements will all be running and live music will be performed throughout the day. Spring Festival is the perfect family day. Children’s activities include wagon rides, our Petting Zoo, MakerSpace, Children's Museum, and Discovery Zone!


There is something for kids of all ages to enjoy. New for 2019 is the opportunity to play a game of Cricket with professional Cricket player, Tom Melville. Prior to other team sports being introduced in West Virginia before the Civil War, the sport we enjoyed was the old English game of cricket, which had been brought to the United States by British immigrants and continued to be played here well into the 19th century. Admission to Spring Festival is $12 for adults, $10 for Seniors and $8 for Children.



About Heritage Farm Museum & Village The mission of Heritage Farm Museum & Village is to be a source of hope and renewal for the Appalachian region. Home to over 15 log structures, including event space for over 500 people, 5 log cabin inns with modern amenities, a Barn Retreat Center wired with today’s technology, seven award-winning museums, Artisan Center, multiple attractions, and themed Way Back Weekends, Heritage Farm continues to delight guests from around the globe as it has for over 20 years.

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