Catholic Priest Witnesses Euthanization of Terrorized Mother

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Catholic Priest Witnesses Euthanization of Terrorized Mother
LOS ANGELES, May 2, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- One month ago today Rev. Kevin Manion was told by a hospital physician that his mother was not responding to medical treatment. Patricia Manion would have been 99 years old, had she not been euthanized that same day. 

Fr. Manion is still grieving for his deceased mom. "I have difficulty sleeping at nights, just thinking about what I saw. The hospital physician deceived us. He didn't tell us he was going to take mom's life." 
"Pat" Manion was diagnosed with pneumonia. Her medical treatment was having positive results. Tests showed progress. More importantly, her family and friends saw she was getting better. Then two days before her death, a hospital case worker, unsuccessfully, began urging that Mrs. Manion apply for Hospice. 

In the meanwhile, Patricia was regaining strength and was speaking with family. She clearly expressed her intention to return to her home. The evening before she posed for a picture with her grand daughter, Kielty. The next day she was supposed to be released, not to Hospice, but to her home. About 2:00 p.m. she spoke with 2 of her friends about returning home. They expected her release. 

The doctor had other plans. On mom's last day he appeared nervous and pressured. He used his medical authority to urge a change in protocol. He didn't show us medical test results, the scans, the blood work. He simply told us, the patient was not responding to treatment. He insisted on a "drip." He got his way. That afternoon mom was dead. The physician wasn't even there when special nurses began the "comfort" protocol. 

Fr. Manion recalls, "There was no comfort at all. It was a lie. Mom saw what was happening. We did too. I was too weak to do anything. I didn't have the strength. They loaded mom with 3 bags of morphine within an hour. Mom died in terror. She was horrified. It was terrible. She wanted to go home, and she would have gotten better. She always got better in the afternoons. They should have left mom on the medical protocol or release her. They didn't want mom to recover. This is what they do to old people. She was 98 and was going to celebrate her 99th birthday in a few weeks." 

Family members are still in shock. Why was their mother euthanized?