Radioactive Isotope Forum in Piketon

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

The Pike County Health Department is holding a forum at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday (May 4, 2019) at 116 South Market Street in Waverly, Ohio, to address information recently found concerning the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant cleanup site. Apparently, the health department found traces of Neptunium, a radioactive isotope, at an air monitoring station on the grounds of Zahn's Corner Middle School. The department is calling on the US Department of Energy to suspend all activities related to the construction of a nuclear waste disposal facility at the gaseous diffusion site.

This issue is related to the greater problem of what to permanently do with America's nuclear waste. Nevada does not want Yucca Mountain as a permanent repository. States do not want this waste transported across their borders, although some of it is already occurring. Nobody wants radioactive material in their backyard. Meanwhile, nuclear power plants are storing their waste at their sites in not the most optimum conditions security-wise, health-wise or natural disaster-wise.

Lynne Hancock, administrator of USW Atomic Workers Facebook page, continued , The companies owning these nuclear plants paid millions to the federal government to dispose of their nuclear waste and when a permanent solution did not occur, they sued the federal government and stopped paying their share for permanent disposal. The feds are now trying to revive Yucca Mountain again. For years the feds have been trying to develop new technology to handle the waste. This is a tough political and technological issue. 

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