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Huntington had a Cold War atomic weapons servicing facility (Huntington Pilot Plant) for which workers who contacted cancers from working in the structure forme

rly on the now Special Metals campus. (See below)

Some debris from the HPP are buried at Piketon in a classified land fill. Documents have shown and compensation may be available for former workers exposed to a set of radioactives, such as uranium, plutonium, and neptunium, which are the elements found to have spread to the Pile County school recently closed after contaminants were found there. The school is two miles by air and four miles by land from the plant. 

Buried materials have leaked into nearby Ohio waterways. 

Under the 70s technology the most radioactive portions of HPP were carted by open trucks from Huntington to Piketon. The Cleveland Wrecking Contact does not specify the resting place of other materials or the final destination of wastes when the plan operated recycling fusion materials from barrier portions of reactors at diffusion plants. [  https://eecap.org/Covered_Facilities/West_Virginia/Huntington.htm ]


Huntington Pilot Plant

Huntington Pilot Plant  was located at Cole Street and Alterizer Avenue in Huntington, West Virginia.  It is a DOE site so workers are eligible for Part B and Part E claims from 1951-1963 and 1978-1979.  The AEC built the plant in 1951 to supply nickel to Paducah and Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plants.  It was shutdown in 1963 but remained in standby condition until its demolition in 1978 or 1979.  The contaminated debris from Huntington was buried at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant.



Data as of 05/12/2019
Statistical data updated weekly on Mondays

Combined Part B and E Summary
Applications Filed 1,540 1,289 *
Total Compensation Paid - Payments 309 279
Combined Part B and E Dollar Amounts
Total Dollars $30,105,271
Total Medical Bills Paid - Total Dollars $6,506,100
Total Compensation + Medical Bills Paid $36,611,371

* The above numbers of applications filed represent 822 unique individual workers.

Part B
Applications Filed 883 742
Final Decisions - Approved 191 167
Final Decisions - Denied 620 532
Final Decisions - Total 811 699
Compensation Paid - Payments 179 161
Part B Compensation Paid
Compensation Paid - Total Dollars $15,006,329
Part E
Applications Filed 657 547
Final Decisions - Approved 171 153
Final Decisions - Denied 425 342
Final Decisions - Total 596 495
Compensation Paid - Payments 130 118
Part E Compensation Paid
Compensation Paid - Total Dollars $15,098,942
Part B Cancer Cases - NIOSH Statistics
Part B - Status and Location of NIOSH Referrals
Cases Referred to NIOSH for Dose Reconstruction (DR) 202
Cases Returned by NIOSH - With Dose Reconstruction (DR) 177
Cases Returned by NIOSH - Without Dose Reconstruction (DR) *1 23
Cases Returned by NIOSH - Total 200
Cases Currently at NIOSH 2
Part B - Cases with Dose Reconstruction (DR) and Final Decision
Final Decision to Accept and Probability of Causation (POC) 50% or Greater 47
Final Decision to Accept and Probability of Causation (POC) 50% or Greater - Cases Paid 47
Final Decision to Accept and Probability of Causation (POC) 50% or Greater - Individual Claims Paid 102
Final Decision to Accept and Probability of Causation (POC) 50% or Greater - Amount Paid $6,950,000
Final Decision to Deny and POC Less Than 50% 108
Final Decision - Total 155

*1 Most cases without a DR are cases withdrawn from NIOSH for DOL review and approval based on a new SEC designation. Other reasons for withdrawal include administrative closure, death of claimant.

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