Wick Out Fights The Avengers in Neo-Noir Brutal Powerhouse

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Wick Out Fights The Avengers in Neo-Noir Brutal Powerhouse

A super assassin --- John Wick (Keanu Reeves) has violated the "rules" of an elite High Table of hitmen and women --- and he's facing more than "a path to paradise begins in hell." Facing an endless lineup of professional killers , Wick has an hour before he becomes “excommunicado” for killing an enemy on the premises of the syndicate's safe space, the Hotel Continental, "managed" by Winston (Ian McShane who played the fictional Paul Griffen in "We Are Marshall").

Chapter Three carries the subtitle “Parabellum,” which is Latin for "war." 

 Its director, martial-arts expert/stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski, wastes no time in turning on the body counter be it gunfire , slicing and dicing, or martial arts duels so well timed that they have markings of so-called "action choreography," a brutal cousin of shall we dance.  Reeves remains disheveled but in solid fight form throughout as he globe trots searching for redemption (i.e. second chance).   

    And, it seems, thousands off bounty hunters moonlight in the Big Apple awaiting a message of a $14 million dollar pay day for wasting someone who broke a league of elite assassins commandment. The automatic weapon fire assaults which quickly raise the impossibility of prevailing over that many opponents give way to pounding one-on-one combat (a stunt man broke three ribs during the shooting).    Chad Stahelski delivers nearly endless fighting, plucking in a few  obligatory females , including femme fatale Sofia (Halle Barre) who along with two snarling Belgian Malinois nearly steal the attention from Reeves, particularly when one of the dogs leaps or bites just in time.     An exercise in titillating neo-noir , the edgy, neon blurring, often shimmering New York City bowels generate curiosity coupled with an intricate art deco like glass hallway surrounded by art objects displayed in glass cubicles. Imaginative production design such as this offsets the  lack of character development.
Wick Out Fights The Avengers in Neo-Noir Brutal Powerhouse
  Preciseness originates from Stahelski's decades of stunt experience which bring well-shot (long takes and no edits)  and innovative action scenes involving gunplay, knife fights, horse-fu, motorcycle chases, death by book, and a dog running up a wall to maul a luckless henchman. (Note: A few phrases courtesy of Boulder's Tim Brennan.)
Wick's vengeance war has dethroned the mighty Avengers at the box office and without sitting through a credit crawl, you'll know a sequel is coming. (However, credits reveal Basil Iwanyk, one of We Are Marshall's producers in a similar behind the scenes role.)
UPCOMING FOR SUMMER... Jennifer Lawrence and Sophie Turner bring "Dark Phoenix" (an XMen spin), Spider Man Far from Home, and horror concepts like a reimagination of "Child's Play," where the evil doll is now a robot and "Annabelle Comes Home." "Anna," which intros Sasha Luss as a combo Lucy/Red Sparrow appears a solid, tempting action exercise if the film is 50% as awesome as the preview.   


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