Comcast upgrades Council Television System

Updated 1 year ago Edited from City of Huntington Press Release

As part of the City of Huntington's nonexclusive franchise agreement with Comcast, the company provided grant funding for the city to upgrade the video broadcast system in City Council chambers.

This new video system provides many features that the old video system was not capable of performing, such as:

-- Enhanced picture quality.

-- More camera angles. The new video system has four cameras in City Council chambers. The old video system had two. The cameras also have zoom features.

-- The ability to record public meetings and play them back for public viewing on the governmental access channel (24 on Comcast). All public meetings will still be broadcast live.

-- Graphic elements. The new system provides the ability to include graphics so that viewers know who is speaking and the issue on which they are speaking.

According to the press release, city employees have been trained on this new video system and are still in the process of learning its various features, which will ultimately enhance the public's viewing of meetings in City Council chambers. We appreciate your patience as we become acclimated to this new system.

As a reminder, all public meetings conducted in City Council chambers are still broadcast on our website at…/public-meetings.

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