"Aladdin" and its Genie (Will Smith) Takes Top Place at Boxoffice

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"Aladdin" and its Genie (Will Smith) Takes Top Place at Boxoffice

 Genie (Will Smith) emerged from the Magic Lamp seizing over $110 million dollars at the Memorial Day  boxoffice.  That's the fifth highest Memorial Day opening . Last year's "Solo A Star Wars Story" began with a $103 million dollar debut.

The record is held by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as it raked in over $120 million and a $317 million total. Seven films cracked the magical $100 million mark : Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, X Men Last Stand, X Men Days of Future  Past, Fast & Furious 6,  Hangover Part 2.  The 1977 franchise initiating Star Wars and Return of the Jedi broke the $100 million hurdle. Jedi has a $252 million total based on 1983 dollars. 


Only "Jedi" , "Hangover Part 2" and "Star Wars" ($307 million total ater an opening week of $1.5 million from 43 cinemas) have reached over $250 million indicating that the  May holiday releases seldom have "legs" (i.e. play many weeks or months due to favorable reception.  For instance, "Star Wars" opened limited expanded wide and continued achieving a #1 weekend chart topper into 1978.) 

Comparing to other Disney live-action remakes, only Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Book  and Alice in Wonderland had higher first day attendance. 

SECOND PLACE for the weekend went to John Wick: Chapter 3 which pulled in another $31 million which is on par with Night at the Museum :  Battle for Smithsonian. The third installment may hold on and become Lionsgate's Hunger Games series and Twilight. 

THIRD PLACE goes to Avengers Endgame with $21.9 million, which soars past the $800 million dollar mark. Star Wars Force Awakens owns the record with $936.6.  ENDGAME is only $105 million away from breaking the domestic and international record held by Avatar ($2.6 billion worldwide).

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu fell to fourth place for  $17.2 million Friday - Monday gross. 

Two counter programmers, Brightburn and Booksmart ($9.5 and $8.6 million) claimed $5 and $6.

Rounding out the Top Ten: Dog's Journey ($5.5), The Hustle ($4.7), The Intruder ($2.9) and Longshot ($2.1). Disney's reimagination of Dumbo  ($1.3)  rose  to 11th from 18th. 

Godzilla King of the Monsters ($54  mil)  is expected to take the top slot next weekend, which includes Elton John bio, "Rocketman," ( $39 mil ) and a Blum horror film, "Ma" ($24 million).

In June, only  Toy Story 4 is projected to  have an over $100 million (#117 mil) opening weekend. Spiderman Far from Home is anticipated to have a $121 million opening weekend July 2, and in mid-July Lion King's live action entry may hit $200 million. (Projections by Boxoffice Pro)

* Boxoffice statistics from Box Office Mojo/Boxoffice/Rotten Tomatoes

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