Class Action Federal Suit Filed Regarding Piketon School

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 Class Action Federal Suit Filed Regarding Piketon School

A class action federal complaint has been filed in connection with radioactive contamination at Zahn's Corner Middle School which was suddenly closed May 13, 2019. 

Winds have carried the radioactive materials and other metals throughout the area in such concentrations that radioactive materials and metals can be found deposited in soils and buildings in and around Piketon, Ohio. Environmental evidence gathered thus far indicates that property and persons near the Portsmouth Site have been and continue to be exposed to toxic and radioactive substances and are negatively impacted by toxic and radioactive releases from the Portsmouth Site, the complaint alleges. 

The class includes residents on neighboring properties up to a seven mile radius from the former Gaseous Diffusion Plant. The proposed class exceeds 100 individuals and the amount of damages exceed $5,000,,000.

Although Stuart E. Scott and Kevin C. Hulick of the Cleveland firm  Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP arre lead attorneys, Huntington's Mark Underwood and the Jason Leasure of Vital & Vital are on the complaint as well as the Thompson Barney firm in Charleston, WV.

Vina Colley, a co-founder of National Nuclear Workers for Justice and Portsmouth/Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety and Security and a former worker for the plant, said, "We are happy to see the community has sought  justice, however, the damage to the kids can never be reversed."

Colley supports the lawsuit and hints that more could follow. 

She told  the Columbus Dispatch, the demolition and clean up of the plant has awakened new contamination. Colley and others have,, for decades, testified concerning radiation leaving the perimeter, but officials have persistently denied the allegations. 

“I don’t want that stuff in the air,” she said. “We’ve suffered enough


A copy of the complaint may be downloaded as a PDF below. 

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