Jefferson County GOP Executive Committee Supports Education Reform

Updated 51 weeks ago Edited from a Press Release

Charles Town, WV (May 30, 2019) - The Jefferson Country Republican Executive Committee (JCREC), by a unanimous vote taken today, May 30, 2019, endorsed Education Reform as outlined in the West Virginia Senate Education Committee's “Student Success Act of 2019”, which contains most of the excellent provisions of SB 451, is consistent with the state party platform, and promotes the principles and endorsed actions expressed in the platform with regard to giving parents more control over their child’s education through the creation of school choice alternatives and options, although we would have preferred that it still allow for means tested Education Savings Accounts (ESA) to help our poorer citizens achieve true school choice, like the wealthy have always had.


JCREC urges passage of the “Student Success Act” by the Legislature and urges the Governor to quickly sign it into law. This bill also allows for non-profit, free tuition public Charter Schools, which was a controversial item earlier in the year.


JCREC urges everyone to research this topic on their own, but would like to point out the positive results of public charter schools in New Orleans as outlined in a letter to the editor of the Charleston GazetteMail, in Boston, as described in the Hoppy Kercheval Commentary on Metro News, and in New York City, as described on WV Public Broadcasting,


JCREC encourages everyone to contact their legislators in support of education reform. The needed reforms include the Senate version of the “Student Success Act of 2019” and a separate bill to ensure that parents of low and moderate income also have more choices that will lead to better opportunities, which in turn will lead to better results and a better future for their children and for West Virginia.

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