Godzilla's Titans and Humans Don't Spur Empathy, but You Can't Beat the Special Effects Bashings

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Godzilla's Titans and Humans Don't Spur Empathy, but You Can't Beat the Special Effects Bashings

 A third cinematic "verse"  has been born.  Monsters (Rodan, Godzilla, Mothra) are all mythical titans in a Japanese inspired horror film sub-genre "kaiju," which translates to "giant monster" or large size monster (films) often of Asian origin. 

 Godzilla (gorilla whale) attacked his first city in 1954. Created from American atomic experiments nearby, the towering mutated dinosaur lizard series sprang from the successful re-release of "King Kong." As for origin, the American atomic bomb tests awakened him from undersea hibernation. 

The 400 foot tall creature has taken on Mothra (an ancient moth  ), Rodan (a flying   reptile similar to a flying pterodactyl), teredictal), and the three headed  Ghidorah ( a three headed dragon mutated from a late-surviving theropod dinosaur.),  wreck havoc and challenge  CGI f/x talents in "Godzilla King of the Monsters."

Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) crusades against government i.e. desires to erase a chain of giant Titans (i.e. sea monster-esque dinosaurs) which she stresses that "nature" created to "balance" the earth. Her perspective follows the typical "rescue" scenario which has tilted viewers cheering the "monster" rather than  human beings. Teen Millie (Madison Russell) catches fire bewildered at the opposing philosophies of her mom and dad.  

Unlike King Kong showing love and kindness toward Ann , a dinosaur buddy, or mutant heroes, Godzilla fails to evoke sympathies in the sideshow of familiar dilemmas. (Early films in the Japanese series have Godzilla as a friendly monster preventing others from obliterating 

Instead, the sound and fury of stunning CGI shows that director Michael Dougherty sensationally hits action fans pleasure points  with occasionally overstuffed mayhem. For me, Dougherty had an inventive streak --- two monsters descend on Boston, not NYC, Chicago, Tokyo or LA. 


Anne Hathaway teams with Rebel Wilson as a master con woman unwittingly stalked by a talented small time newbie. Chemistry crystalizes as the heists become more daring. Lots of fun particularly the women turning tables on rich gentlemen. 



"American Graffiti" and "Grease" retain the best end of high school films, but Book Smart follows two over achieving "girls" who discover that they've missed out on partying since the slackers have been admitted to quality colleges, too. The best friends spend most of the film , not drinking and not having sex; they can't seen to locate the "right" celebration. 






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