Civil War Hospital comes to visit Beverly

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Civil War Hospital comes to visit Beverly

BEVERLY WV – On the 13th and 14th of July, Angels will descend upon Beverly. Instead of bright lights and feathered wings, however, these Angels will come with sharp instruments, rolls of bandages, and a lot of blood.

The Angels of the Battlefield – a group promoting Women in History – will come to town for Beverly Heritage Days and be part of a Civil War Hospital. The group consists of three nurses, one chief surgeon, one medical stewart, one practitioner, and other hospital staff. As part of Beverly Heritage Days’ “Centuries of History”, these visitors will be offering live demonstrations of surgical techniques and amputations as they would have happened in the Civil War. Those of a sensitive disposition are advised to take a rest on the hay bales provided.

Robert Lipscomb will be the surgeon responsible for the amputation in this scenario. In addition to expertly severing limbs, he will also be speaking about the life and times of a medical officer. Robin Jenkins will be playing the part of Dr. Mary Walker (1832-1919), an abolitionist, surgeon, and a recipient of the Medal of Honor. Suzy Lipscomb Ross and Debra Lynn Kimball will take on the roles of two nurses. Kimball, a Medical Assistant by day, states that their Hospital “will be ready to receive and accommodate any wounded that may arrive from nearby battles.” The town of Beverly has an interesting medical history all its own. Beverly was the site of the second amputation of the Civil War and the saw used for it is on display at the Beverly Heritage Center.

Beverly Heritage Days takes place in town and begins at the Beverly Heritage Center. The Civil War Hospital will be accompanied by other re-enactors, such as those from the pioneer days, World War II and Vietnam camps, as well as by many civilian activities throughout history such as craft demonstrations and children’s games and activities. Those interested in re-enacting themselves will have the chance the morning of the 14th of July to take a hands-on approach to learning about all of the intricacies of historical costumes and how to make historical crafts with household ingredients.

The Angels of the Battlefield have premiered this year in Philippi for the Blue and Gray Reunion. If you are unable to see them in Beverly, their Civil War Hospital will also be at the Mason-Dixon Roundtable in Morgantown on 24-25 August and at Jackson Mills 6-8 September.

For more information about Beverly Heritage Days, you can contact the Beverly Heritage Center at, call them at 304-637-7424, or visit them at 4 Court Street in Beverly.

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