Hannah to Ring Free of Cancer Bell July 12

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Hannah to Ring Free of Cancer Bell July 12

Hannah Caserta, now 15,  will ring her bell July  certifying  that she is free of cancer. Last fall , the spunky, strong and faithful teen had been complaining of an aching leg after  HHS band practice.

It wasn't a muscle ; it was an aggressive form of bone cancer. Doctors at Hoops Family Children's Hospital  in Huntington had a range of outcomes she   could lose a leg or worse. The best case scenario ---hope it had not spread, contain it with chemo,  surgically remove the tumor, and continue chemo.

Former city councilman Scott Caserta started a prayer war camp and  organized warriors under Hannah Strong.

 The network of compassion expanded throughout the world through Facebook.

Now he writes, "Hannah’s battle with cancer is coming to an end. As your prayers lifted her up, God walked her through the unknown. Join us as we celebrate with Hannah as she Rings the Bell declaring her war with cancer WON !  Located on the 5th floor just outside the Pediatric Unit of Hoops Family Children's Hospital inside Cabell Huntington Hospital, 1340 Hal Greer Blvd. ""It's been a long journey thanks to all of you. ...   [the ceremony is ] really going to be special with a few surprises!! Stop by and see God’s handiwork."

I lean heavily on words my Mother and Grandma gave me as a child. I sure was a lucky kid ! I can close my eyes at any time and hear Mom singing “Jesus Loves Me” or Grandma giving me lessons of Faith.
I lean heavily on words my Mother and Grandma gave me as a child. I sure was a lucky kid ! I can close my eyes at any time and hear Mom singing “Jesus Loves Me” or Grandma giving me lessons of Faith.
We were not a wealthy family but so, so far from poor. Leave your child your wealth of Faith so they can prosper through life. Photo: Jeff Hedgecock

Over the last year,  you've seen a post in the upper left hand corner of the HNN web site. It reads "Hannah Strong" and has two hands touching. The postings started not long after the family made the fight a community effort.  

Her journey began after happy posts from a marching band festival , reunion, and autumn celebration, the news struck  like a thief in the night:

'We found out today that our sweet Hannah has a rare form of Cancer called Osteocarcinoma," wrote her dad. The battle begins,' wrote former Huntington City Councilman Scott Caserta on September 26, 2018. "Keep the prayers coming."

One of the initial FB post claimed victory in God's name: "Prayers to the Master Healer. Believing in Gods healing for Hannah. I will stand firm in that belief until God lays his hand on her. Prayers for the rest of the family and friends for peace and understanding. God has a perfect plan. Victory is already hers."


 When Hannah Caserta said goodbye to all of her friends on the HHS stage last fall, She was to begin her battle against cancer. Unsure of her future, not able to stand and could only enjoy the smallest hugs due to her port installed for IV chemo. We were all terrified!! 


 The 14-year-old's long journey started with chemo which make her sick at the stomach. Other effects came too as Scott wrote in October: "How do you console you child when her beautiful locks of hair are in her hands? I know this is upsetting to her but she keeps smiling. Through it all, she just smiles. Please Lord I pray, comfort this child who is so brave and so strong."

Hannah to Ring Free of Cancer Bell July 12

Mark Caserta, Scott's brother, a columnist for HNN, Free State Patriot and previously wrote this about Hannah's journey: 

God never ceases to amaze me in His infinite wisdom and ability to take what the devil meant for bad and turn it into good.

Over the past several weeks, the phrase, “Hannah Strong” has flooded social media. Certainly, the “strength” and “unity” associated with the phrase are attributes the city of Huntington has needed for some time.

My brother, Scott and his lovely wife, Cindi, adopted Hannah when she was 6 years old. Over the past 8 years, Hannah has become a resident “Angel” in their lives. Loving, caring, and “perky”, Hannah became everything they’d ever dreamed in a daughter. She was an answer to prayer, and one of God’s finest gifts ever!


As treatment continued, Scott wrote: "These awesome nurses never fail to take a moment to share a little special time with Hannah. This Means so much to her and takes her  mind off chemo. For a little while she’s just another little girl."

Hannah to Ring Free of Cancer Bell July 12

Surgery went well on her knee. Then rehab and chemo began.

In February, her dad wrote: "Hannah is over half way through her chemo and her surgery to remove the cancer and rebuild her knee was successful. Her leg is strong and virtually pain free! Amen !!"

An infection  scare came March 17:  

Sunday Praise Report !!

Hannah has responded very well to treatment and will not require [further] surgery. The Doctor actually said “this is a God thing”. She will be moved from ICU later today. Thank you all for your prayers !!!" 

Hannah has been fighting chemo yuckies today but holding her own. She got to spend some quality time playing cards with her Big Sis Dr.Napier who just happens to be her Pediatric Physician and a beach bum. She really brings out the Happy in Hannah when she comes to hang out with her !

Scott said in May:  Prayer Warriors:

As you all know, our daughter Hannah has been in a battle for her life since she was diagnosed with OsteoSarcoma (Bone Cancer) in her leg about 7 months ago. We called upon our Prayer Warriors time and time again to join us as we prayed for God’s intervention. Now I’m asking you to help us pray for another Baby girl.

A dear friend’s (Rick May) little girl (Callie) Is fighting for her life right now. She suffered abusive trauma to her brain. Callie underwent extreme surgery this evening in an attempt to give her a chance to live. 

Please, all of you Prayer Warriors, lift up your hearts in prayer to God. Callie needs Him, my dear friend and his family need Him. A miracle is needed and we know, we have witnessed God’s miracles through #HannahStrong. It is time for #CallieStrong’s miracles and I stand on God’s promise. 

Her battle reminded readers of current and past big "C" warriors --- some on gong, some won, some lost.

Back in December 2015, Curtis McCall fell ill from pneumonia. Within days he began chemo for an aggressive form off leukemia.  He and his family made a daring choice ---   a stem cell transplant ---- at Duke University. 

You can read Curtis' story by clicking the link below. His wife, Toni,  wrote he had as much fight in a finger than most people have in their body. 




HNN has diligently reported too on a cancer epidemic from radiation absorbed by workers at Cold War defense plants ---  the HPP, Piketon's  PGDP, Pudacah's diffusion plant, Oak Ridge..... and many across the USA. 

As Hannah celebrates bell ringing... there are continuing journeys. Hannah hopes to one day become a physician to help other with the disease. 





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