Cord Cutting, Over the Air, and Traditional Cable --- Negotiate some....

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Cord Cutting, Over the Air, and Traditional Cable --- Negotiate some....

Cord cutting is the term for ditching the multiplicitty of cable tv channels and substituttting internet TV channels offered by Rocu, Firestick and others. There are hundreds of "channels" mostly FREE but unless you hook up with a paid streamer you can't get Cable TV net favorites.

Cord cutting works best where there's a metropolitian area and flat land. That' not southern WV. Recalling the pre-cable era, individuals resorted to B (big) U (ugly) D (dishes) to receive cable channels, many FREE before scrambling of signals led to Direct TV and Dish TV, a variation of cable. 

About once a year, Comcast --- and other providers --- start raising rates. Time to go shopping. Some may offer package discounts if you threaten to cut the cord and agree to a one or two year contract. Most of these contracts have an expense for breaking the contract. But, often, you can say drop TV and keep interet and get a lesser price and have the net you need to stream others. They offer a 10% discount for auo  bill pay and online billing. (Verrizon cell does same). 

The over the air digi-net era (tranmitting more than one signal on an over the air station) has led to a well of  niche digi-nets , but you are at the mercy of station program managers and terristral factors.

Cord Cutting, Over the Air, and Traditional Cable --- Negotiate some....

Charleston/Huntington will get you the major over the air nets, but only a limited niche choice (MEtv, Comet, LAFF, Stadium, etc.)

Theoretically , the others compete for space but in this market space is limited. You can reactivate you BUD and upgrade your receiver to watch these offten baby boomer fav retro channels. Or, you can BEG your cable provider to add a few. Concidentally, the niche nets often are BEGGING for carriage. Thus, the cable company gets a good deal .

For instance, Comcast is dropping (for now?) WGN America, WE, and investigation due to carriage disputes. 

Here are some other options for Comcast.... they will need your email and phone calls to get them on the ball. Some networks are "must carry" if the OTA channel carries it. Otherwise, the cable company has to ask and negotiate. But surprise: SOME ARE FREE.

"For all of you that have come to love Heroes & Icons, the network has moved to our channel  over the air, and will continue to be carried by all major cable providers in April. We have offered the satellite companies (DirecTV and Dish) the signal for free but they have declined to carry it."  humm ...

Here goes:

Cord Cutting, Over the Air, and Traditional Cable --- Negotiate some....

COURT TV: Daily trials and evening recaps. It's back. You can also stream it.

DECADES: One of a plex of channels from  METV, it emphasizes varietty shows and old cult gems like Fugitive, Dark Shadows, and a rotating Weekend Binge that can incude Mod Squad, Ironside, Tarzan and others. 

The variety shows have Dick Cavett, Rowan and Marttin's Laugh In (remember Goldie Hawn in the bikini sock it to me seg?) Joan Rivers, Ed Sullivan , Brooklyn Bridge, Bob newhart, and Mary Tyler Moore.  July binges:: Remington Stteel, Love Boat, Matt Houston,


HEROES & ICONS: Trekkies... get on your phones. Persuade Comcast. H & I, another METV deriviative, broadcast FIVE Trek series Monday-Saturday 8-1 a.m.: Star Trek, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.  Saturday and Sunday, they have Superman, Batman, Greatest American Hero and The Green Hornet. For Western fans, WB Cheyenne a d Maverick are on the schedule too. Hill Street Blues, Police Story and  The District.



START TV: Primarily carried on the digital subchannels of its affiliated television station in most markets, it primarily airs classic television drama series from the 1980s through the 2000s, with a focus on dramas, police and legal procedurals geared toward female audiences.

The following popular procedural drama series will air on Start TV. Network programming begins Monday, September 3, 2018:

Cord Cutting, Over the Air, and Traditional Cable --- Negotiate some....

  • The Closer starring Kyra Sedgwick as a Deputy Police Chief running the LAPD’s Priority Homicide Division with an unorthodox style that helps her solve the toughest and most sensitive cases.
  • The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski follows a woman who must return to work as a lawyer to provide for her family, after her husband is jailed following a political scandal. Series begins January, 2019.
  • Medium starring Patricia Arquette as a suburban mom who balances family life while solving mysteries with her special gift for communicating with the deceased.
  • Crossing Jordan starring Jill Hennessy as a brilliant medical examiner who goes above and beyond to solve cases despite her spotty career and mercurial ways. Series begins January, 2019.
  • Cold Case starring Kathryn Morris as a lone female detective who finds her calling by unraveling and re-thinking previously unsolved, older crimes.
  • Profiler starring Ally Walker as an exceptional doctor working with Federal agencies to investigate and solve violent crimes. Haunted by tragedy, she also searches for her husband’s elusive killer.
  • The Division, starring Bonnie Bedelia, Taraji P. Henson and Nancy McKeon as very different female cops in San Francisco trying to find success in their personal and professional lives.

For more on Start TV, visit and follow Start TV on social media @starttvnetwork.

COZI TV:  This is an NBC network. Press WSAZ to add it. Also, tell them not to preempt MANNIX and CANNON on ME TV. Voyager, The Offfice, Six Million Dollar Man , Will and Grace, Adam 12, Columbo, McMilllian and Wife, McCoud, Ironsidde, Kojack are among their shows.

For movies, there's a generic MOVIES. For HD MGM-TV and Sony TV.

Comcast has EPIX but not the DRIVE IN version of the channel.

And,  Comcast has been getting stingy on premium multiplexes while raising prices. They do not have  5 star MAX, @Max, Moviemax, Actopm Max.  and West coast feeds.  But for HBO they have the full sett HBO 2, HBO Signature, HBo Family, HBO comedy, HBO Zone and Latino. SHOWTIME ia miaaing BEYOND, Women. Family Zone and Showcase and Next.

Another note: Hallmark TV and  Movies/Mysteries now has a DRAMA channel which has Touched by an Angel, Dr. Quinn, Waltons and movies from the Hallmark Hall of Fame.

ON THE OTHERHAND... Xfinity internett service continues to maintain a nearly awesome reliability record. When I first signed up an outage might last four to five or more hours. Now, they seem to be one hour or less unless related to weather factors. AND, the PEG fifty cent fee has brought HD standarrrd video to the city council channel along with multiple cameras and sound that you can rely upon.

Do I sound DEMANDING. Yes. For the packages and channel space (some are repeated three times digital, analogue and HD), I expect all there is to offer especially on the PREMIUMS.