CLARIFICATION .... Red, White and Blue Flag T-Shirt Stirs Courthouse Ire; Employee Told not to Wear Flag Shirt

Updated 33 weeks ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor, by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
CLARIFICATION ....  Red, White and Blue Flag T-Shirt Stirs Courthouse Ire;  Employee Told not to Wear Flag Shirt

An employee told not to wear  a patriotic red, white and blue flag T-shirt has stirred a ruckus at the Cabell County Courthouse.

Social media first reported that an employee of the Cabell County Clerk's office wanted to wear a shirt to honor her Marine Corps son and others who served on Wednesday.


"Does anyone know of any jobs hiring? I can’t work somewhere that doesn’t allow me to wear a flag on my shirt when my son is fighting for OUR freedom," wrote Melissa Weaver. 

She explained: 

"We were told on Tuesday we couldn’t wear shirts with glitter, flags etc.. from the chief deputy so I did in fact wear a dress yesterday morning. I was approached by her as soon as I arrived at work being told to remove my Facebook post. I refused because I was very offended that I couldn’t wear a flag shirt to support my son on that day. My son is a Marine and he is deployed and fighting for OUR freedom as we speak!! I felt very threatened by our confrontation and felt it was best to just leave the situation."

A representative of the Cabell County Clerk's office did not DENY the incident occurred. 

Irv Johnson , assessor, did not witness the event but indicated each office has its own dress code.

Kelli Sobonya , Cabell County Commissioner, responded:

"This was not a decision of the County Commission. There is an employee handbook for the county that we are in the process of revamping. Nothing has been changed since I have been there. Each elected official, from my understanding, can decide what is appropriate attire for their employees. The employees of the County Commission were not told what they could wear or not wear patriotically. Not sure what the other elected officials have communicated. I support Old Glory, always and am thankful for those who serve and who have served to allow us to have independence and freedom as a nation."

A computer assistant confirmed the incident.

Bridget Lucas, a public defender, complained that she had been victimized when workng in another office:

"I only worked there 9 months and got wrote up because I “text”work while I was in the funeral home planning my brothers funeral with his teenage children instead of “calling”. When I went in in tears I was told “well that’s our policy”. First time something came up I was out of there!"

[Contains opinion]

by David Williams

On the Eve of our great nation's birthday, an employee at the Cabell County Clerk's office has been told she could not wear a patrotic t-shirt to celebrate 4th of July and show support for her son in the marines and other soldiers.

So...the courthouse which has a flag flying on top of it and one next to every judge at his bench, will not allow it's clerks to display their American pride by wearing red, white, and blue shirts.

That deputy clerk has decided to celebrate freedom of our nation by not allowing employees to display their gratitude for our freedom.

The woman quit her job in protest. Being a state and government office, employees should be able to celebrate our country's birthday and show thanks and respect to those who gave their lives and are risking their lives protecting us. In fact, all employees in our country should be able to proudly display their love for The United States of America. Happy Birthday USA!!

Tomorrow, I will be wearing my red, white, and blue shirt to work as my employer allows us to show our pride.

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