Huntington Sets Neighborhood Clean Up

Updated 1 year ago Edited from a Press Release

A cleanup campaign across Huntington will continue July 9-11 in the Walnut Hills and Fairfield East areas.

The City of Huntington’s Public Works Department will conduct a sweep through all of the alleys in the neighborhood during this time. Work will also include cutting back trees and weeds from alleyways, citing vehicles that have been abandoned or don’t have proper registration, and issuing code enforcement citations for unkempt properties.

This will also be an opportunity for residents living in this area to set out bulky trash items before July 9 to be hauled away. Items that will be hauled away include furniture, brush/yard waste, construction materials, appliances without Freon and dried paint cans. Items that will not accepted include oils, liquid paint, appliances with Freon, car batteries, and gas or propane tanks.

The streets that will be part of this clean sweep include 8th Avenue to 12th Avenue between 20th and 28th streets, Roby Road, Lincoln Avenue, Ann Street, Rugby Road, Oney Avenue, Leeward Avenue, Park Street, Davis Street, Grace Street, Oakland Avenue, Sycamore Street, Springdale Avenue, St. Louis Avenue, Highland Street, North Cedar Street, Olive Street, Linden Circle, Francis Street, Hall Street, Avondale Avenue, Marion Street, Parsons Street, Morris Street, Summit Street, Priddie Street, Lower Glendale Avenue, Thornburg Road, Hidden Avenue, Overlook Drive, Maupin Road, Moreland Avenue, Rice Avenue, Highland Court, Sheppard Drive, Hollywood Place, Perry Street, Perry Drive, Cottage Street, Rutland Avenue, Wilson Street, Hite Avenue, Baer Street and Artisan Avenue.

The Public Works Department will work with City Council members and neighborhood associations to coordinate and schedule future alley sweeps. This is the third consecutive year that the Public Works Department has conducted alley sweeps in neighborhoods across Huntington. Guyandotte and Altizer were cleaned in March and the Forest Hills and Southeast Hills neighborhoods were cleaned in May.

As a reminder, Huntington residents are still allowed one free bulky trash pickup per month. The pickup is free as long as the trash can fit into the back of a standard-size pickup truck. A fee may be assessed otherwise. These pickups are for bulky items that are too large to dispose of with your household garbage. Pickups can be arranged by calling the Public Works Department at 304-696-5540 (press 1 when you reach the automated system).

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