WV PSC Participates in Five-State I-77 Corridor Commercial Motor Vehicle Blitz

Updated 1 year ago Edited from a Press Release
WV PSC Participates in Five-State I-77 Corridor Commercial Motor Vehicle Blitz

BECKLEY, WV – In a coordinated effort to increase safety for the West Virginia traveling public, the Transportation Enforcement Officers of the Public Service Commission today participated in a five-state truck inspection blitz that stretched from Cleveland, Ohio to Columbia, South Carolina.  The inspections were conducted in West Virginia by six officers who stopped trucks and issued citations for safety violations, speeding, seatbelt and distracted driving infractions, hours of service violations and insufficient driver credentials.  Officers from Virginia and North Carolina also participated in the crackdown.


Officers in West Virginia performed Level II and III inspections, conducting complete walk-arounds of the trucks looking for lighting violations, load securement violations and other safety issues.  They also examined the drivers’ credentials, including commercial driver licenses, medical cards, hours of service logs, vehicle ownership, insurance and authorities.


Public Service Commission Chairman Charlotte Lane, who rode along with one of the PSC Officers on the Turnpike during today’s operation stated, “The Public Service Commission takes its responsibility of enforcing commercial motor vehicle laws very seriously.  Public awareness activities like today’s five-state blitz are a reminder to drivers that we are watching, and violations of the law and unsafe driving will not be tolerated.”


Commercial motor vehicle safety along the West Virginia Turnpike has been a priority to law enforcement agencies in recent months as the number of accidents, particularly accidents involving fatalities, has risen.  The PSC recently added an additional full time patrol unit to the Turnpike.

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