BREAKING NEWS ... 46 Dead and Injured in El Paso; at least nine dead, 16 injured in Dayton Bar Shooting

The weekend has been tragic with two mass shootings on near opposite sides of the country.

20 people died, 26 were wounded when an alleged 21 year old suspect opened fire Saturday morning at the El Paso Wal Mart.


Early Sunday morning, at about 1 a.m., reports have a second mass shooting which occurred in Dayton, Ohio. 16 to 26  people are reported injured bar.  Dayton Police Department tweeted at 3:14 a.m., "We are actively investigating an active shooter incident in the #OregonDistrict. Please avoid the area." Dayton media reported initially that at least seven people were killed from automatic gunfire. Police stated this is a "mass casualty incident."  A second shooter may be involved. Updated 4 a.m.

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