Upgraded Journalism/Mass Communications Hallway Unveiled

Updated 45 weeks ago Edited from a Press Release
Upgraded  Journalism/Mass Communications Hallway Unveiled

Thanks to  Alums, visitors now know where we are and "it's causing quite a stir," said Janet Dooley on her FB page. 

"Since moving into the Communications Building, the entry into the School of Journalism and Mass Communications offices has been dull and uninviting, suggesting a dark cave where one might find bears and rattlesnakes,"  Dooley wrote.

"Thanks to money raised from the Hall of Fame Inductions, there is a bright new introduction to our offices and our identity is unmistakable," Dooley added. 

Come by and take a look in person. It's causing quite a stir.

Thanks to all who work on and with our JMC Alumni Advisory Board, and who participate in our annual recognition and fundraising event.

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